2011 ALA Presidential Candidates Forum


2011 American Library Association Presidential Candidates Susan Stroyan and Maureen Sullivan respond to member questions at the Presidential Candidates Forum, held January 8, 2011, at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Diego. Questions asked (time in parenthesis indicates where in the video the question can be found) include:

Opening Statements (0:04)

How do we balance serving individual division members with maintaining overall ALA strengths? (9:40)

How can we build on current advocacy efforts to make a difference? (11:58)

How will you work with publishers to ensure library access to ebooks? (16:23)

What do you think your proudest accomplishments as president will be? (19:27)

What leadership skills do you offer to guide ALA through the current financial crisis? (22:30)

What is the role of chapters in the larger organization? (25:58)

How can ALA mainstream services to seniors and the disabled? (28:55)

Describe the support systems you have in place to help you as you serve as president. (32:48)

How will you represent all libraries, rather than one specific type? (36:20)

How will you create a legacy that lasts beyond your time in office? (40:22)

Closing statements (43:30)

Watch individual questions at http://www.youtube.com/user/AmLibraryAssociation#grid/user/12EDDF83B6F89A00

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